Mission, vision and objectives

The pension fund is responsible for the proper implementation of the pension schemes for members, deferred members, and pension beneficiaries, as defined in the pension agreement and in accordance with existing legislation and regulations. The board undertakes this task while weighing the interests of all stakeholders (employees, employers, pension beneficiaries, deferred members, surviving dependants, young people, the elderly, women and men) in a balanced and careful manner.

As far as its resources allow, the pension fund aims to protect members, deferred members, and their dependants against the financial consequences of old age, disability and death. To this end, the pension fund carries out the long-term provision of nominal pension entitlements and pension rights and ensures that the accrued pensions, the active pensions and the non-contributory pension entitlements remain inflation-proof. The indexation of the accrued pension entitlements of active members is unconditional; it is financed from the employers' contribution. Conditional indexation is granted on the accrued pension entitlements of deferred members and the active pensions. This means that there is no entitlement to indexation; the fund determines annually whether it is able to grant indexation and if so, to what extent. The costs of indexation, for both active and inactive members, are borne by the employer by means of indexation surcharges included in the contribution. The costs for employers are significant, partly as a result of this scheme. In that light, one of the fund's objectives is to achieve the most stable contribution possible. 

The pension fund communicates in a clear and customer-oriented manner with all stakeholders.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, the pension fund has developed policies in the areas of financing, indexation, investments and communication. These policies have been laid down in various documents, of which the ABTN (Actuarial and Business Memorandum) is the most important.