Pension and AOW

In the Netherlands you work until a certain age. After that, you retire. You will also need income after retirement.

A pension may consist of three components. This is what we refer to as the "pension house".

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State retirement pension

State retirement pension (AOW in Dutch) is a basic pension. This is the foundation, or the ground floor, of your pension as a whole.Everyone who has lived and/or worked in the Netherlands will receive state retirement pension. 

The effective date of your AOW depends on your date of birth. State pension age is being gradually increased.

More information? Go to the Social Insurance Bank website.


Pension via your employer

Most employees receive additional pension via their employer on top of their state retirement pension. You accrue money towards that pension every month with GE Pensioen. We will pay you this pension when you retire.

Individual pension

If the ground floor and the first floor together are not enough, you can build an additional floor yourself. To do so, you can set aside money for your pension (private pension facilities). This can take the form of savings, life insurance or surplus value on an owner-occupied house. You will make these provisions yourself.